What Our Clients Say – Their Testimonials

Just a few words from some of our clients.

Thank you all for your kind words I really appreciate you taking the time to write testimonials for me – and for letting me include a photo of you!

Lisa Dickson, Managing Director, Caseron Accounting Ltd

Kim is our Virtual Marketing Director, she has helped us identify and focus on our target market, develop and implement our marketing plan and achieve the fee structure that we wanted and that our target market can afford. She also created our fabulous website and handed it over to us so we can maintain the content going forwards!

Lisa DicksonManaging DirectorCaseron Cloud Accounting

I have been on a couple of courses run by Kim – one on Social Media and the other on Pinterest.  Both were highly informative courses and presented in such a way that makes it easy to follow. If you want to grow your business you have to embrace this new technology. Not only were the courses well presented but Kim is very generous with her time both during the course and afterwards.
I would highly recommend anyone to go on Kim’s courses. She certainly knows her stuff!

Margaret BartonIndependent DistributorUtility Warehouse
John Burroughes

Kim is very professional, logical and creative. Her vast experience and skill in marketing has been invaluable to me in my re-branding project recently. As always with someone of this calibre it is not just the soundness of her guidance but also her key nuggets of brilliance that create the value for even a person like me, who thought he knew enough to do it himself!

John BurroughesManaging DirectorTrinity Business Coaching
Aggie Redpath's Family Kitchen

Are you excited about starting up your new business, have you got a cracker of an idea, are you going to be world-famous and make millions, have you mentally spent all those millions?! Whoa, whoa, slow down, one step at a time, don’t run before you can walk, have you a solid plan in place? Boring you say, I want to get going and start marketing my business.
Why am I saying all this to you, because I have been there myself, and with hindsight, you must like anything in life, put the foundation stones in place, so they are rock steady before you start on your venture. I was happily putting hours of work into my project and thought I was making headway, the head wind was too strong, I was actually going backwards…… then I met Kim Morrison from Morrison Social Media, she came out in her lifeboat, turned my boat back on course and off I went. May I suggest that you contact her before you start on your marketing journey, just to check all is in order and your boat won’t sink, before you leave the harbour.
Kim has an analytical mind, her knowledge on her subject is second to none, which she can deliver to her client with a calm and friendly approach. Her communication skills are exceptional, she opens your eyes to the obvious, and keeps you on track. Take on board what Kim has to say, and your business will flourish, your confidence will be riding high knowing you are sailing on course to success. This has happened to me and my business is knowing your bounds. Thank you Kim.

Kim Morrison has been a wonder drug for me, her knowledge of Social Media is amazing. Over the years I have had more than a couple of one to one’s with Kim and she has certainly assisted me with Pinterest, Facebook, MailChimp and Twitter. Questions asked are answered and she is always available to give me a helping hand.
Her patience and manner is what teaching is all about. Thank you Kim for that.

Debby StrowgerOwnerJewellery by Tony Strowger