Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day!

by Kim Morrison

I absolutely love, and find incredibly helpful in my own business, the practical ideas, help and advice you get in loads of different formats from Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneur’s Circle – monthly circulars delivered to your door, NB TV, monthly local workshops, access to valuable information through an online “Vault”, the list goes on.

It is clearly down to you to implement the ideas and advice but at least you have some direction as to where to get started.

So, courtesy of the Entrepreneur’s Circular Social Media Brief:

Social Media in 30 Minutes a Day!!

Let’s start with the Business Strategy:

  1. Register  If your name is taken, put the words “I am” or “The Great” in front of the name.  If all of them are available, buy all of them. If you last name is available, buy that too.
  2. Establish a simple one=page website. On it, post your philosophy of how you treat customers.  In a short period of time this will help give you a ranking (probably a number one ranking) on Google so that people can find you easily.
  3. Then create a blog. WordPress is great for this. (You can also use it for your simple website – I absolutely love it!)
  4. Then create your Facebook page, your LinkedIn account, your Twitter account and your YouTube channel (OK, I confess I still haven’t got my head around being brave and doing video but I will… watch this space!).  This gives you even more Google-juice and will give you half a dozen listings or more on Google.

And here’s your daily plan:

  1. Tweet a value message every day. Just one. Something that your customers and prospects would consider valuable.
  2. Blog one paragraph everyday that includes your tweet. Something that others consider valuable.  All you have to do is wake up in the morning and start writing.
  3. Connect your social media accounts so that what you post on one appears on all of them.
  4. Post events of importance on your business Facebook page – especially post interactions with customers.
  5. Now begin the invitation process.  Start inviting everyone you know, everyone you can think of to join you on LinkedIn, ‘Like’ you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and check out your YouTube videos.

Make the invitation a personal one, not just a standard one.

Not everyone will honour your request, but when people start to receive valuable information from you on a regular basis they’ll begin to tell others.

People will comment on your Facebook page.  They’ll re-tweet you.  And they will proactively connect with you on LinkedIn.

All social media is interconnected.  YOU HAVE TO DO ALL OF THEM CONSISTENTLY TO GAIN EFFECTIVE RESULTS.  And you have to do all of them well if you expect to monetise your efforts.

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