Website Marketing

Your website has to be a marketing tool. You have to be clear about your objectives and the part you want it to play in your marketing systems. Creating a pretty website just so potential clients can “find out more about you” is a waste. Your website is likely to float around in hyperspace, gathering pixel dust and often ends up being ignored by anyone who happens to stumble upon it.

Static brochure style websites just don’t “do” anythLet us review your website - "All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust"!ing. They may look pretty and give lots of information but what are you expecting your website visitor to do once they land on your website?  Picking up the phone and making an enquiry cold from a website can be too big a leap of faith to make for a lot of your clients.

You need to be clear on the goals for your website so you know what you’re trying to achieve. In our view, the most important functions for a website to help develop your business are:

  1. Attract qualified visitors to your site through search engine friendly content
  2. Build your mailing list through an opt in offer
  3. Sell your products and services
  4. Provide value and good information to grow your relationship
  5. Build credibility as an expert in your field
  6. Answer Frequently Asked Questions.

Having a welcoming front door and plenty of interesting stuff for people to have a look at when they come to your website is great … but to turn some of those interested visitors into potential clients, they are going to need to build trust with you.

We can make sure your website is earning its keep and are happy to help by:

  • Reviewing your existing site and providing recommendations for improvements (from £95.00 +VAT)
  • Writing or reviewing content focused on your ideal client
  • Building a new WordPress site for you or rebuilding an existing site
  • Project Management of a new site build
  • Search Engine Optimisation advice
  • WordPress Website Maintenance packages – to make sure your site is up to date.

If you’d like to know more please contact us either through social media or call 01284 799505 or email for an informal chat.