Marketing for Sales

Marketing for Sales!

Do you struggle to find the best place is to promote your business?

Do you need more of the right client that you really want to work with?

Do you spend time networking, advertising and on social media but don’t get results?

Do you either have too much work or too little?

Or are you just starting out and not sure how to position yourself to get clients for your new business?

If you said “yes” to any of these then help is at hand!

Advertising doesn't work

Marketing is key to attracting new clients for your business. We can help you have a continual and consistent flow of clients; a pipeline full of prospects. The reality for most businesses tends to be very different; they market when they need clients and then, because they are overwhelmed with clients, they stop marketing and wait. A few months later they have completed the work with the majority of their clients and have nothing else coming through and so have to start all over again. This is the typical rollercoaster of feast or famine that you can escape by having the right systems that consistently attract clients to you.

Marketing Plan

You need a “cunning plan”, may be not so cunning, but a plan anyway!

marketing-mix-four-psYou then face the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of busy business owners is implementation – either finding the time or having the knowledge to get ‘things’ done.

We can help you at all the stages in the process following my 12 – Step Marketing for Sales process.

This isn’t designed to be a quick fix or an overnight solution but it does work for all businesses. There are different tasks and assignments to complete in each step and the whole process is geared to making sure that you have the tools, knowledge and a road map to take your business forward on an ongoing basis.

Once the systems are in place they can be delegated or outsourced so that you can then focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy, confident that you’ll have a steady stream of new clients coming through.

Alternatively, if you really don’t have the time, interest or team to do any of this yourself, we can provide a complete “done-for-you” either through my own team or trusted partners.

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